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Our Past Projects


"The Coaster Show: Rolling with the Homies"


Jackie Pomeroy raps, Warren Haney ukes, Hannah Osgood, Will Booher, and Drew Starmer kazoo their way through this original song in "The Coaster Show: Rolling with the Homies"


"The Coaster Show: First Time"

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"The Pirates of Penzance" 2017


The Core Ensemble makes its public debut at 18th and Union with The Pirates of Penzance.  Our original adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance features a cast of multi-talented performers telling this comic story through a series of circus acts!

Video: Bryanna Jones

Poster:  Bryanna Jones

Microsoft Hololens 

Cornish College of the Arts and Microsoft Hololens Exhibit

The Core Ensemble’s Warren Haney, Nick Vogl, and Spencer Funk—were selected to be a part of a collaboration with Microsoft Hololens. They created an original theatrical work titled “Keep Away” for the Hololens Exhibit at the 2016 Design BFA EXPO. For this, the actors created the piece and worked with microsoft to develop this experience by filming in their 360° recording studio. Using technology like the Hololens to create innovative groundbreaking performance that pushes the bounds of artistic expression and audience participation is what The Core Ensemble is all about!

The Core Ensemble- Spencer Funk, Warren Haney, and NicK Vogl at the Seattle Interactive Conference- Photo by Rachel Lee. 26.10.2016

The Core Ensemble- Spencer Funk, Warren Haney, and NicK Vogl at the Seattle Interactive Conference- Photo by Rachel Lee. 26.10.2016

To view and get more information on The Core Ensembles piece " Keep Away" for the exhibit follow the link below http://www.cornish.edu/expo16/#/expo/design/keep_away


"The Pirates of Penzance" 2016


"It's a glorious thing to be a Pirate King!"...The Core Ensemble presented, "The Pirates of Penzance", by William S. Gilbert & Arthur S. Sullivan-Adapted by Spencer Funk and the Core Ensemble in the summer of 2016. The show was a combined senior thesis project by Warren Haney, Spencer Funk, Will Booher, and Maizy Perdue. This Comic opera meets circus arts performance was set in the intimate Raisebeck Performance Theatre Hall and had the audience rolling with laughter. 



"Who Arted?"/ "Too Much Light"

Too Much Light/Who Arted is an annual fast paced audience-interactive show that will leave you on the floor both crying and laughing. The show inspired by the Neo-Futurist theme of honesty and brevity is made up of a collection of short skits, each 1-3 minutes of length written, directed, and acted by the ensemble. Skits range from political, erotic, absurd physical comedy, poetry, touching narrative, to movement. The audience determines the order each night so no two shows are the same. It's a wild roller coaster night that's sure to leave you energized and with plenty to talk about.


"The Wandering Goose" 

An adaptation of the beautifully crafted story by Heather L. Earnhardt. short, sweet, & captivating. "A modern fable of how love goes."


"The Wise Child Series" 

"The Wise Child Series" was a show consisting of two solo performances that explored the archetype of the Wise Child. 'In Patience is Understanding', written by and performed by Clara Hayes were a young teen searched through diary entries she had recorded on tape in search of evidence from her dark past. In the process she tells stories of her travels, and the many men she has loved in her short time. 'The Egg Show', written and performed by Spencer Funk, follows an Egg in his psychological journey, a radio host called the Eggspert who battles against corporate giants to broadcast his unique and inspiring show, and a young boy Eddie whose obsession with a nest of quail eggs keeps him from fitting in at school and at home.


"Click. Hello. God." 

In a holding cell a Doctor and a Patient begin a conversation to decide whether the Patient sane enough to stand trial for his crimes, but captured in this circumstance are many more questions about God, modern existence, institutionalization, and human connection.


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