Dedicated to Empowering our Community Through Original Performance Events



The Core Ensemble unites tradition with innovation to produce invigorating new performance events which celebrate the individual, centralize artists in the process of creation, and engage curious and unexpected audiences in Seattle.




Artists First

what is art without the artists who make it? the core ensemble uses over 70% of our budget to provide  payment for artists. 

Low Budget, High Quality

we put our money where it counts; into making great theater. that way we can keep ticket prices low, so you can see high quality shows!  


The core ensemble offers free and low cost admission so that anyone can see our shows. still, it is not enough to open the doors. we produce work that is relevant to our community, striving to create a fun and inclusive theater ENVIRONMENT for artists and art lovers alike. 


Embracing Technology

In creativity                in community              in communication, we Embrace technology. The Core ENSEMBLE uses the spectacle and specificity of technology to tell STORIES in new ways, but also to make our art accessible to a broad audience. In this, the information age, we believe technology is not just a tool, but a collaborator in the creative process.

Critical Thinking & Research

to generate work with substance, we must think critically about the tensions within our community. Meaning is made. We make it with intention. We intend our performances to pose questions, and spark critical thought in our audience. Our work is an ongoing dialogue with the community, which moves us all to greater awareness and understanding.


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful Storytelling.”

  Commited to Original Work and innovative storytelling 


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